What IoT product categories do you think are most advantageous for BSCs?

Nathalie Doobin, Harvard Services Group: I believe all areas of our business will have an IoT component in the next few years. Although our industry has been slow to adopt new technology in the past primarily due to cost, the IoT platforms we are seeing are cost effective if utilized properly and efficiency gains are realized. As we continue to provide data and further transparency, our customers’ expectations will increase, as well. Inventory management, just-in-time auto-replenishment and making the workplace safer for our employees by minimizing potential human errors, are some areas of interest for Harvard.

Paul Senecal, AffinEco: Restroom dispensing, as there are some very tangible and useful data and savings you can develop.

Laurie Sewell, Servicon Systems: Restroom management, because it reduces the time needed to “check” dispensers, and the notifications of when and how much they need to be refilled.

In addition, the data will allow for better cost management. I would add robotics and geofencing.

What advantages will IoT bring to BSCs?

Nathalie Doobin, Harvard Services Group: Many believe that these tools can help monitor the work better, however, we believe it will help us be more efficient so we can provide even better value to our clients. Some benefits include streamlining of processes, as well as their optimization, effectively transferring information to the field employee, the visibility that is provided into our service delivery performance, and last, but not least, providing mechanisms that help keep our employees safe.

Mary Miller, JANCOA: As the future technologies become present tools being utilized, I see IoT being about creating new opportunities. Efficiencies in labor, quality, as well as costs, are areas that I am curious to see the realities of results compared to the theory of what is possible.

Laurie Sewell, Servicon Systems: Reduced labor costs, more efficient management, more data to make better decisions and forecasting for job loading.

How will the data created by IoT technology help you to put together a better and more accurate bid?

Mary Miller, JANCOA: Having real information of usage rather than guessing on what the actual usage is, can help create a fiscally responsible bid for all proposals. Also, having the data over a period of time can help create more efficient scheduling and staffing. I always prefer real data over guesstimates.

Nathalie Doobin, Harvard Services Group: Through our IoT platforms, we believe it will help reduce risks and unknowns to allow a contractor to provide more efficient service, and give the ability and confidence to bid more competitively.

Paul Senecal, AffinEco: You will be able to get better at knowing what productivity rates you can achieve in different environments.

Laurie Sewell, Servicon Systems: IoT will give us “better accuracy in time management.” ISSA cleaning times and estimating only go so far in the ability to calculate accurate pricing. IoT can also help with supply management and pricing.

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