Oftentimes, vacuuming is only thought of as being limited to carpeted floors. However, vacuuming is also considered a faster, healthier, and more efficient way to clean hard floors according to recent studies.

Aside from cleaner appearances, vacuuming hard floors results in less fatigue for cleaning personnel, reduced labor costs through faster cleaning times and lower rates of cleaning frequency. In fact, when using a backpack vacuum on hard floors, studies have found that personnel can clean 52 percent faster vs. using a dust mop in areas such as crowded classrooms and congested quarters. Thus, the time savings associated with vacuuming hard floors allows reallocation of workforce to other problem areas.

When compared to dust mopping, which continually redistributes dirt and fine particles on the floor, vacuuming not only cleans better but also improves indoor air quality because the unit isn’t kicking up dirt. In fact, studies show that dust bunnies reappear in 24 hours when a floor has been dust mopped, compared to 72 hours when cleaned with a vacuum.

No matter the type of vacuum cleaner a facility has, floor tools are available with different types of brushes and blades to make vacuums suitable for cleaning hard-floor surfaces.