Truck-mount carpet extractors typically are able to clean carpets faster than portable machines. They have greater suction and are able to heat water to higher temperatures than portable extractors. Also, since tanks don’t have to be constantly emptied while cleaning, they are often considered to be more convenient as well. All solution tanks, cleaning products and waste tanks are mounted directly onto the vehicle, so there is no need for an exterior power source or water supply.

There are two types of truck mounts to choose from. The first, slide-in truck mounts, are powered by their own engines and are built within a frame or chassis that is bolted into the vehicle. They can be used on a variety of vehicles and switched from one to another.

Van-powered truck mounts, on the other hand, are powered off of the engine of the vehicle. These systems are compact, so they take up less vehicle space. They are also generally easy to operate and maintain, but do consume a lot more gas than slide-in mounts.