Impressive-looking touch-free products are meaningless if they don’t work. The technology once had a less-than-perfect track record. Thankfully, manufacturers have heard the cry of help from users and ironed out most of the bugs. That’s not to say, however, that the technology is perfect. In fact, auto flushes on toilets and urinals without a manual override button can be incredibly difficult to clean. Sensors on the products can be sensitive and difficult to control.

Sensors tend to cause the most problems for end users. The infrared devices respond to motion or light, to operate the touch-free system. Some sensors never need to be adjusted, but others may need to be tweaked.

Toilets that flush multiple times during one use may need a sensitivity adjustment. Auto-flush toilets have an adjustment screw that can change how far the user must be from the toilet before the sensor detects motion. Likewise, sensors for soap and towel dispensers can be fine-tuned to adjust how much is dispensed and how frequently to avoid unnecessary waste. goes out.