Managers can offer pressed uniforms and tidy cleaning carts for their workers, but cleaners working the day shift might also need to make personal adjustments. Unlike cleaning at night, janitors are on display in day cleaning situations and their attitude will directly reflect the entire department.

Personal hygiene and a positive demeanor are important when working around building occupants, but communication is key. The decisions and actions of the janitor will directly affect building occupants and communication can reduce occupant complaints. For example, asking occupants when it’s a good time to vacuum their area. Even when using a low-decibel vacuum, the cleaners presence can cause a disruption. Or, simply posting a sign with a reopening time when restrooms are closed for cleaning can placate most building occupants.

Managers should educate the cleaning staff on the importance of proper communication with building occupants. This can make all the difference in the success of a day cleaning program.