When identifying the best equipment to use, it’s important to match the size of the equipment to the job. In large, wide-open spaces, large walk-behind or ride-on equipment will finish the task faster while minimizing user fatigue.

This equipment however, is not useful in cluttered offices or tight, narrow corners. Small extractors or machines with extension tools such as wands can help cleaners access hard-to-reach spaces without moving furniture or other obstacles. One drawback to small equipment, though, is that the smaller the machine, the more often tanks need to be emptied and refilled.

Machine size also needs to be taken into consideration if equipment needs to be transported from floor to floor or from one building to another. Large equipment is tough to maneuver up and down staircases and may not fit in elevators or vans. Some cleaning professionals may not have enough adequate storage for large machines, either.

Finally, keep staff in mind. Smaller machines are easier to handle, especially for new employees unfamiliar with operating equipment. If the janitor isn’t careful, it can be very easy to damage property with large machines. But ride-on and larger machines can clean more carpet before users get tired.