Rack guards are proven tools for increasing warehouse safety. If they are installed correctly they can save a lot of time, money and stress. Here are some tips form experts in the rack guard industry to help you get the most out of your rack guards.

    1) Claire Porter, president of A-Safe, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina, suggests that distributors choose the right length rack guard for the protection that you need. Check to see where most of the damage occurs. Distributors can simply measure the height of the damage to make sure that the rack guards that they purchase are long enough.

    2) Make sure that the rack guards are installed correctly. This can be done by having them installed professionally or installing them on-site according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    3) Make sure that all forklift drivers are highly trained. While it is true that even the best forklift drivers will hit the racks, drivers who frequently bump into them may require more training.

    4) Do routine maintenance checks to inspect the racking system and rack guards for damage. John Weber, president of Omega Industrial Products Inc., Saukville, Wisconsin, suggests that distributors also inspect the anchors because they can become loose.

    5) Do not overload racks. Check with the manufacture of the racking system to see how much weight the racks can handle and do not exceed that amount.

    6) Replace any damaged components. Damage that appears to be minor could potentially weaken the structural integrity of a rack.

When it comes to warehouses, safety should be your first priority and utilizing rack guards is a great way to protect your warehouse and the people in it.

Angelica Dudenhoefer of Angelica Communications, LLC, is a freelance writer based in Milwaukee.