Many distributors offer green versions of their private label products, but having green certified options is a bit tricky — and costly. If a product manufacturer has earned green third-party certifications for its products, these certifications will not be carried over to the private label version, even if it's the exact same formulation and only the name on the package is changing. If distributors want a certified product, they need to apply with Green Seal or Ecologo, which is often out of a distributor's price range. They will also have to reapply every year.

One exception is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment (DfE) program. If contents of a private label product are identical to these in a DfE-recognized product, then it may bear the DfE logo. Distributors do not need to be a partner with the DfE program, either.

For many distributors, it's more economical to sell green-certified national brands instead.