Working well with others is often about building a strong rapport, but even that takes works. Here are three tips to building rapport with others.

Ask a perceptive question
A perceptive question, asked with sincerity, does everything that a compliment does and then some. When the compliment doesn’t call for any response from the customer, a question does. If done correctly, it can initiate the conversation and help the customer feel like you are interested and care about him.

In the previous situation, for example, I could have said, “Was it designed to create that kind of feeling?”

Indicate a personal connection
If you have something in common with the customer, mention it. You don’t have to beat it to death, just mention it. When the customer discovers that you both know the same person, went to the same school, vacationed in the same place, or belong to the same organization, he realizes that you are alike in some ways. It’s easier to do business with someone who is like you.

Tell a short personal story
It doesn’t have to be a major digression, but a short story about something personal is a great rapport builder. Something like this:

“Boy, I had a hard time getting here on time. I must have run over some glass or something sharp, because about half way here, my right front tire went flat. Took me a while to change it. Glad I made it on time.”

That’s short, it’s personal, and it’s a bit transparent because it reveals something about you, as a human being. And, it’s something to which everyone can relate.

Building rapport is a science with proven practices and tactics. Use any of these techniques and watch your ability to create rapport improve, and thereby smooth out the way to more sales.

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