Any facility that has carpeting will occasionally — or regularly, depending on the facility — need spot cleaning. Spot cleaning is required for most incidental stains, including those from paint, gum, food spills, grease and oil spots, ink and other sources.

A variety of spotting agents are available. Natural and biobased cleaners often feature citrus oils that are effective in stain removal. Some green spotters are phosphate-free and VOC-compliant, and others are certified to be used in specific green cleaning programs such as LEED.

Determining the stain type is the first step to getting rid of it. While there are many general-purpose spotters available, there are also chemicals made for specific types of stains, including protein, grease, oil, body fluids and more.

After blotting a stain with a clean cloth to remove excess debris and liquid, attempt to remove the stain with a dry spotter if applicable, and if that does not work, use a wet spotter, following directions to ensure proper stain removal. Agitation with a brush or machine may be necessary. Once stain is removed, rinse thoroughly with water and blot dry, or use a machine to extract the chemical. For tough stains, the process may need to be repeated.