Cutting corners is not acceptable in the fight against infection, cross-contamination and various bacteria. Cleaners need to know which cleaner and disinfectant to use on which surface, and how to use those products properly. Using the correct product incorrectly can have the same results as not cleaning at all.

For instance, sprays are designed to cover a specific amount of area and should be held roughly 6 to 8 inches from the surface. Spray too close and the full surface is not being cleaned. Hold it too far away and much of the chemical might not even hit the surface.

Identifying and adhering to proper chemical dwell times is also important. Chemicals are only effective if used as directed, which means allowing them to sit on surfaces for a predetermined set of time. But, this step is often skipped because cleaners are rushed to complete tasks quickly.

To combat this problem, many training programs focus specifically on dwell times. Those times are often outlined on the product packaging or can be obtained from the distributor.