Another popular method for bonnet cleaning is to spray your pads, place them under the machine and then clean. Once the pad is soiled on both sides it should be laundered before its next use. Although this method may be faster, it may not pick up as much soil.

If you are looking for maximum soil removal, then it is imperative that the pad be drier than the carpet to allow for wicking. Moisture is always attracted to the driest spot. With both of the previously mentioned procedures, you can accomplish some soil removal. The best way to get maximum soil removal is to spray your bonnet solution onto the carpet and then take a relatively dry pad to start your bonnet cleaning process. The correct chemical solution is very important to release the soil from the carpet to the pad which then can be laundered before reuse.

You have today a wide assortment of pads available to you. There are natural or synthetic fibers, pads with and without stripes (for agitation), and they come in all sizes and colors. Check with your supplier to see the one that best suits your needs. It is also a good idea to use a pad that is slightly bigger than your floor machine. The use of a bigger pad will allow you to get along edges without damaging vinyl baseboards; however use caution with wooden/painted baseboards since the chemical may actually remove/damage the paint. 

There is also a wide selection of detergents/cleaners available to use. Many carpet techs will use a carpet shampoo or extraction detergent; however, much better results will be achieved if you use a properly formulated bonnet solution that doesn’t leave as much residue. The ideal solution would be totally residue free. However, if you do use a detergent based solution, it is imperative that it have not only dry brittle solids to vacuum up but also impart some soil repellency to it. 

Bonnet cleaning that shorten cleaning time thereby saving labor dollars. 

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