There are many benefits to battery-powered equipment, but unless those batteries are properly maintained, cleaning departments will find themselves spending a lot in replacements. To maintain battery life, workers should adhere to certain practices when installing, changing and replacing a battery.

• During installation, workers should connect the positive cable first, which reduces the chance of a spark, should the battery ground out.
• After each use, charging is essential. Make sure charging takes place in a well-ventilated area and vent caps are fastened securely, just in case the battery emits any gas.
• Never overcharge or rapidly charge a battery. Doing so can emit dangerous gasses that can be explosive.
• When batteries do require replacement, experts recommend replacing all the batteries at the same time with the same type or make. Leakage or rupture can result if not all the batteries are removed at the same time.

For additional tips on battery maintenance, contact your distributor or the battery manufacturer.