In the next few articles we are going to look at different aspects of workloading, scheduling, job cards, quadrant cleaning and using the right equipment. Scheduling an account has more to do with accommodating the customer’s needs for performing tasks at a given time but management should know where a worker is (or should be) throughout the shift. 

It is important that the BSC prescribe when the account is to start and when it should finish. Most companies will allow for a certain flexibility in the range for start and stop but will require clear communication from the crew as to who is there and what are they doing? It is vital that in the smaller accounts, someone should be monitoring check ins (as well as anyone calling in sick) so that back up staff can be on site as soon as practical. For the smaller accounts, it may simply be re-scheduling another worker so long as he/she has keys, access codes and knows what to do on that visit. 

For larger accounts, the onsite supervisor must be able to bring in a back up person or rearrange the schedules of other workers so that all the areas can be hit. One danger is to get into the habit of always using the onsite supervisor to cover for absentees thereby reducing their time for quality control, training and/or project work. It is vital that in scheduling workers that some flexibility be built into the night and the week so that by Friday all work has been accomplished as per the requirements in the Statement of Work. 

Be careful of falling into the trap of abusing the onsite supervisor and workers who do show up by having them neglect their work in order to cover for someone absent. 

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