"Why should someone spend time with you?” That was the question I asked the six sales people who were the subjects of an intense week-long training session.

The response? Blank stares. Some uncomfortable fidgeting. Nothing anywhere close to a coherent, persuasive response.

That experience made me realize the need for what I call a "value-added proposition,” and what many people refer to as an "elevator speech.” It is a well-thought-out, meticulously prepared, and memorized set of ideas that ultimately answer the question above. It should exist in several different versions:

1. There should be a one-page (250 words or so) description of
• who you are
• what you do
• why your customers and prospects should care.

2. That should be reduced to a 30 word version that should be memorized by everyone who has contact with the customer.

3. Finally, that should be further reduced to a four-to-eight word version that can accompany every communication, from web site advertising to face-to-face interactions.

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