Considerable progress in technology over the years has resulted in smaller, quieter, more powerful, and more cost-effective hand dryers. Newer models have been designed to lower the noise factor from around 70 decibels to 50, making them more appealing in settings such as corporate office buildings and even libraries.

Hand dryer manufacturers have also responded to the rash of communicable diseases in recent years by introducing units that utilize touch-free technology. Not only do these hand dryers eliminate the need to touch the units and possibly transfer germs, but they also look modern and sleek, which improves the overall appearance of a restroom.

These high-speed hand dryers blow water off of a restroom user’s hands with a high-velocity air stream exiting through a nozzle or a unit that patron’s place their hands into. These high-speed devices are capable of drying hands anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds — two to three times faster than standard hand dryers.