Each day, people in the United States use more than 43 billion gallons of water. Cleaning professionals can actively help reduce this consumption by incorporating cleaning methods that conserve water.

New equipment technology allows floors to be cleaned with water only or with electrically-converted water. While these machines are technically using water, they are also conserving it. Machines that clean with little to no chemical use 70 percent less water than traditional, chemical-based equipment.

Steam vapor equipment also uses water, but only low amounts of it. By using one pint of water, janitors can clean and sanitize surfaces for an hour. Comparatively, spray and squeegee or spray and vac machines use one gallon of water per minute when spraying at 500 psi.

Other methods that conserve water include switching from cotton string mops to microfiber mops and from liquid or gel soaps to foam products. Installing touchless faucets, dual-flush toilets and waterless urinals will also help conserve water usage. For example, one waterless urinal can save up to 40,000 gallons of water each year.