The last points of the Custodial Snap Shot cover customer satisfaction. They are the most important. Remember the scoring is 1-5.

Number 24: Customer tenant satisfaction = As the POC (point of contact) or a key tenant to score the current level of service 1-5 and regardless of the score ask them to elaborate. This score is very important in that it should match the score on number 25. If not, there may be reasons to return or conduct additional inspections/visits to determine why there is a discrepancy. In most cases, the visiting staff member will hear a 3 or 4. Seldom will they get a 5. Alarm bells should go off if they get a 1 or 2 since this may indicate a lapse in communication or very possibly poor performance (perceived can be just as damaging as real). I know of situations where the person question lied or did not tell the whole truth since they had other motivations that were not evident at the time.

Number 25: Visiting Staff Members Overall Impression = This is an important score in that they may have scored some areas well but still had serious concerns. Their score should come close to Number 25 although there have been times when they noted areas that the POC (point of contact) did not deem important. The key to number 25 is that the score should be based on the person’s best understanding of what the account should look like regardless of staff shortages or other excuses.

Remember that the Custodial Snap Shot is not designed to replace formal inspections conducted by a QC inspector; rather it can be an effective tool in making note of the account to supplement those inspections.

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