Day cleaning can be successfully implemented, but it requires ongoing communication between the facility executive, building occupant and the cleaner.

When cleaning will create an interruption or eyesore, such as in the restroom, the difference between compliments and complaints is communication. For example, something as simple as posting a clock with a reopening time on the restroom door will placate most occupants when the area is closed for cleaning.

In addition to the cleaner, building occupants need to make adjustments in their expectations of the custodial staff. For instance, because cleaning is no longer done in the evening, buildings might not be spotless in the morning when occupants arrive. But, they’ll likely be clean shortly there after.

Occupants must also be aware that when cleaners are sent away, they will return only once more to complete the job. If they cannot clean that second time, they will not return until the following day. As the building culture adjusts to day cleaning, typically occupants adjust and begin utilizing cleaning times to do things away from their offices.