Technology has brought cleaning measurement to the fingertips of building service contractors. From meters that read levels of energy molecules in organic material to infrared detection, BSCs have a number of high-tech tools at their disposal.

ATP meters measure adenosine triphosphate; the less that is found, the cleaner a surface is. The meters use a swab with an enzyme reagent to provide a light reading of bioluminescence created; the higher the light reading, the more ATP is present.

Moisture detection can be done with infrared measurement tools, based on the fact that moist areas are typically cooler than dry ones. Infrared moisture detectors look for heat, thus exposing colder areas that may be hosting moisture.

Indoor air quality can be measured using particle counters that reads air particle counts. BSCs should take a number of measurements indoors and out to determine a baseline and also help diagnose where high counts come from.