Water damage from contaminated sources usually requires the replacement of carpeting. Water from clean sources, including sink, dishwasher and toilet overflows, can also ruin expensive carpeting — but not if it’s dealt with, thus saving carpets, if it is caught in time and if the right tools and equipment are utilized.

Restoration and remediation work can only be accomplished with the help of equipment that identifies problem areas, dehumidifies the environment, dries out the air and surfaces and then cleans the carpet. Dehumidifiers start the process of drying rooms by sucking moisture from the air. Carpet extractors can be used directly on saturated carpet to eliminate that initial problem. Carpets can then shampoo and clean the carpet, ridding it of dirt and debris, before again extracting the liquid. Specialty fans and drying equipment finish the job, and moisture reading devices will indicate when moisture levels have been reduced to normal.