In a preceding article, we started our discussion of Plan A for a custodial contract, which simply means you have a free hand to provide the best level of service and frequencies without too much consideration for budgetary issues.  Money is not the primary issue in such a contract.  This would be for a high profile account that needs to project a certain image as their customers and employees enter and use the site for business.  We all wish that we could implement Plan A at all our sites all the time but reality dictates otherwise.  


In a Plan A type facility, dusting, vacuuming, floor maintenance are all provided at an enhanced level resulting in a facility that always looks fresh.  There is usually one or more day porters service break rooms, rest rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms and other areas that need frequent attention.  As to carpet and rug care, the use of frequent encapsulation and periodic Hot Water Extraction (HWE) keeps the soft areas fresh and clean at all times.  Spotting is conducted daily with a focus on preventing stains.  


Hard floor care is broken into areas that require finish/recoating and other areas requiring frequent scrubbing but no buffing/burnishing necessary.  VCT (Vinyl Composite Tiles), Terrazzo and other hard floor surfaces are scrubbed and recoated often allowing the floor to have the deep wet look shine when burnished.  Quarry tiles and other surfaces are oftentimes scrubbed and buffed to give them a clean look.  If the right products are utilized, they can have a nice gloss without the use of finishes that would be difficult to service and maintain. 


Plan A type servicing requires a high level of coordination with the customer to make sure that they are satisfied with the level of cleaning they are receiving.  We will continue to take a look at the differences in Plan A, B and C in future articles. 


Your comments and questions are always welcome. I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, keep it clean...



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