Green cleaning is a fast growing trend among building service contractors. In 2006, a Contracting Profits survey showed that 53 percent of BSCs used green cleaning products. In 2010, a similar survey showed that number had risen to 83 percent.

Mirroring this is the acceptance of green certifed products. In 2006, only 48 percent of BSCs used certifed products. Recent surveys show that three out of four BSCs use products certified by Green Seal, EcoLogo, GreenGuard and the Carpet and Rug Institute or that meet the EPA’s Design for the Environment requirements. In particular, when BSCs buy green general-purpose chemicals, carpet and floor care chemicals, paper and vacuums, they will choose certified products over non-certified ones.

Certifications prove that products are safer for the environment and for janitors. Skepticism exists for green claims made by non-certifed produts because as many as 95 percent of green products make some type of claim that could be considered greenwashing. Greenwashing is defined as misleading or inaccurate claims regarding a product’s environmental attributes.