Due in large part to their convenience, jan/san distributors have seen premoistened wipes and sponges take off in recent years. But convenience isn't the only driving factor. There are a plethora of advantages to these cleaners and disinfectants.

For one, permoistened wipes are easily dispensed with one hand from a center-pull or pop-out dispenser and wipes are readily available. These quick to grab and wipe when fast clean-up is important. Although they aren't used in every area throughout a facility they are a great way to minimize cross-contamination. Wipes and sponges can be disposed of once one area is clean, using a new tool for the next area.

These premoistened tools also have superior cleaning properties. Many have built-in abrasiveness so they are better at breaking through a biomass barrier than traditional cleaning cloths. And with disinfectant tools, surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected in one step.

Wipes and sponges with a fast kill time, such as those with alcohol, can be a huge time and money saver for businesses that require fast turnover of equipment. This is the case in tanning bed establishments and workout gyms for faster and more reliable sanitizing than a spray bottle and towel.

Premoistened wipes and sponges also eliminate overspraying, require no mixing, measuring or diluting and they come in multiple sizes for various uses.