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Be Prepared for Cold and Flu Season

With the approach of cold and flu season, it seems like everybody’s concerned about the spread of infection these days. On your last flight did you notice people wiping down their seats and armrests? They just may be onto something.

Americans take about 2 billion business and leisure trips each year and many make their way to hotels. You welcome these valuable guests, but you don’t welcome the germs they bring along with them.

Hotel guests can easily spread viruses from common areas to guest rooms and back out again. Some cleaning practices, like open bucket methods, also contribute to the spread of germs from place to place.

Hotels aren’t the only issue. Airplanes and rental cars harbor more than their share of germs. Did you know that only 30% of rental cars get a thorough cleaning between customers? Yikes. That means 70% are not thoroughly cleaned. And when it comes to air travel, the facts are also pretty grimy. While crews tidy up after most flights, commercial airliners are run through a deep clean only once a month. The result? Lots of germs and lots of concern in the sky and on the ground.

Travelers know they’re at risk. More than 75% are worried about germs in hotels and 45% say they are “germ anxious.” They’re especially concerned about getting sick when they’re out of town and say they just can’t afford to have that happen.

Competition for room nights is tough. We’re here to help you stand out with information and tools that let guests and employees know you care. Establish loyalty and make a lasting impression by fighting back against germs. Learn more about LiveWell*, a proven hygiene program from Kimberly-Clark Professional.*

We understand and we’re here to help.

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