When it comes to vacuums, some end users favor uprights, others prefer canisters and there are those who swear by backpacks. But, regardless of preference, it’s the attachments that transform a basic vacuum cleaner into a multifunctional cleaning machine.

A standard toolkit addresses myriad needs, but sometimes specialized tools are required. Before making any recommendations, distributors should familiarize themselves their customers’ particular vacuuming challenges.

Bradley Payne, territory consultant for Kenway Distributors Inc., Louisville, Kentucky, interviews his customers to identify their priorities and create a customer-specific package.

“I won’t price the vacuum or even suggest one to them until I find out what they clean daily, what their problems are, and what type of noise specifications or internal walls they have,” says Payne.

Bill Allen, territory manager for Fagan Sanitary Supply, West Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, adopts a similar approach to selling vacuums and attachments.

“The best thing to do when meeting with a customer is to ask them questions about their main concerns when it comes to removing dust and dirt,” he says. “Then we discuss the versatilities of the vacuums and how they can use these accessories more.”

Sanitary Maintenance asked past winners of its Sales Leaders award to identify the top vacuum attachments. The distributor sales reps came back with a few tools that are versatile add-ons to upsell into any end user’s toolkit.

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