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For years, environmentally conscious jan/san distributors have tried to get their end users to lessen their impact on the earth by purchasing green cleaning products. While many end users have “gone green,” distributors still have a long way to go to make this goal a complete success.

But purchasing green products is really just the beginning of the green journey. During the last couple years, green has evolved to sustainability. Sustainability addresses environmental impacts throughout the entire supply chain: from production to use to disposal.

Distributors continue to encourage more customers to buy green products, but at the same time, they are investing in sustainable initiatives at their own facilities. With green cleaning products, distributors were relying on manufacturers to lessen the environmental impact. However, sustainability allows distributors to take a first-hand approach to green.

Through waste reduction, water conservation, energy efficiency and a host of other initiatives, distributors are able to preserve the environment and run more profitable businesses. This Sanitary Maintenance Sustainability Survey shows that a number of distributors are implementing quite a few sustainable programs. But for all their efforts, are end users taking note?

To find out, Sanitary Maintenance surveyed distributors in 2014 to learn about their current sustainable initiatives, as well as the reaction from their customers. With this survey, readers will learn:

• What sustainable programs distributors practice;
• How many distributors have designated sustainability staff members;
• Who's embracing LEED facilities;
• The percentage of end users buying green cleaning programs;
• How many customers ask about a distributor’s sustainable initiatives;
• How many customers ask about sustainable products;
• How many distributors plan to increase sustainable initiatives in the next five years;
• And more

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