In a public restroom, there is no shortage of fixtures to adhere marketing messages. And since facilities hope that all restroom occupants will eventually make their way to the sink to wash their hands, paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers and hand dryers are a natural fit for restroom branding. Additional opportunities include toilet partitions, bathroom dividers and urinal mats.

Towel dispensers have room on the cover for a logo or window for an advertisement. Similarly, soap dispensers can be customized with a logo or phrase that promotes clean hands, infection control measures, or environmental reminders.

Hand dryers are also available in custom colors and images, including decals that can be “baked” into the plastic during manufacturing, rather than stuck on following assembly. The result of that process is decals that won’t wear or peel, manufacturers say.   

“One of our suppliers has been offering custom covers on their hand dryers for several years,” says Brian Fricano, CEO of Sustainable Supply, Broomfield, Colo. “Not only do they have a product that people enjoy using, but their custom covers look very attractive and have proven to be effective in raising brand awareness.”

Branding restroom dispensers in stadiums, for example, is a great way to show team spirit by extending team colors into the restrooms. It’s a way to keep fans thinking about their team, and the novelty may even encourage more people to use the dispenser.

David Keyes, of EA Morse Company, Middletown, N.Y., has been finding success offering his school district customers personalized soap and towel dispensers that display each individual school’s logo, mascot or colors.

“[One school] has a bulldog as its mascot, and we are putting that on the dispensers,” says Keyes. “Other ones have school colors or their logo, similar to what you would see on the floor of a gym. It gives kids pride in their schools and their school district when they have one of those up on the wall.”

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