Designed for use under wall-mounted urinals, urinal mats improve the 
restroom image by catching drips, splashes and unfortunate misses. But their work doesn’t stop there. Jan/san distributors and their end user customers are finding benefits to branding the mats with company names, logos and other information.

Just like restroom towel and soap dispensers, urinal mats can be used to market to restroom patrons in country clubs, casinos, up-scale restaurants and Class-A offices. By putting a company logo or name with website or phone number demonstrates that this particular distributor or building service contractor knows how to solve restroom odor problems. And if a restroom user happens to be a decision-maker in another facility with unsightly and smelly restrooms, he or she knows who to call to solve the problem. 

In addition to contact information, distributors might brand urinal mats highlighting certain features. For 
example, putting “anti-microbial” on the mat lets users 
know that germs and bacteria are being attacked, and aren’t collecting in the mat. 

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