Asking questions will help distributors guide customers toward the right products, but a site visit offers a more complete picture.

“There are things you can discover in a site visit that are not covered in a phone call or Zoom meeting,” says McGarvey.

“Walking the building and seeing what goes on there makes distributors more impactful as they try to assist.”

A site visit can identify the types and sources of soil on floors. How many people walk through the facility daily? What equipment do workers drag across the floor? Does the lobby need more frequent cleaning than other areas?

Touring a facility allows distributors the opportunity to evaluate the floors and their condition. They can also examine any equipment and chemicals that are used, as well as discuss the processes in place.

“Maybe they don’t understand why their floor finish isn’t holding up. You can point out that the hot water they are using is actually degrading the finish. In that case, it doesn’t matter what floor pad you provide; the finish will not hold as it should,” says McGarvey. “A site visit lets a distributor dig deeper into the factors that contribute to floor conditions so we can better access the steps required to bring it back and maintain it.”

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