Way more than plopping on a sticker, custom hand dryers and dispensers sold by distributors give schools and businesses a seemingly endless amount of ways to market themselves. In fact, the most difficult choice end users have to make might not be whether or not they want or need a custom product, but rather what type of customization they want.

Americans always see video on their phones, computers and tablets — why not extend that experience to the restroom? There are manufacturers who allow customers the opportunity to put LCD screens on their dispensers. The dispensers come pre-loaded with a video that teaches customers how to program their own promotional video onto the screen. A restaurant, for example, could show video demonstrating their diverse menu items. Videos can be as short as a few seconds or as long as about a minute.

Some customers might not want to go all in on a video, which is fine considering all the other options there are for customizing dispensers and dryers. Some manufacturers offer corporate branding by way of custom covers. So perhaps a bar could generate extra money by pushing a certain brand of whiskey or beer. A sporting goods store could promote a popular sneaker brand. There’s also the option of doing self-promotion, too. A school or university could have its logo placed on a hand dryer or a pizza parlor its logo on paper towel dispensers.

While distributors selling custom covers are more than willing to let a customer choose from their wide variety of pre-developed designs, some others even allow the customer to develop a cover all by themselves. One manufacturer of paper, towel and napkin dispensers, for example, offers on its website a feature where customers can go through a step-by-step process where they choose the background, text, image and shapes, and colors they would like in a design. Then the customer can print out the design and place it in the dispenser's window. Another company offers the same type of service, only the dispensers are delivered with the design after the customer creates it.

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