The approach to keynotes at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2013 has taken a detour this year, with three different keynotes spread over three days instead of one speaker held on the second to last day.

The show will present “the trifecta” of keynotes, Steinbach says: the motivational speaker, former Blue Angel Pilot John Foley, on Tuesday; inspirational businessman and entrepreneur Tony Hseih, CEO of, on Wednesday; and world-famous magician and endurance artist David Blaine on Thursday provides entertainment.

Though Foley isn’t well-known by name, he’s a dynamic speaker and those who see him get excited about his message to pursue high performance and excellence.

“He has a really great message about branding and corporate culture which really resonates with our industry because it includes so many service components,” Steinbach says.

Hseih makes headlines regularly for his commitment to fostering a great company culture as well as making customers and employees happy, and the positive effect that has on the bottom line.

“His message is that you really can change corporate culture, and how to approach it in ways that get people really excited about what you do, even if what you do doesn’t seem very glamorous,” she says.

Blaine is best known for his street magic and endurance stunts, but at ISSA/INTERCLEAN 2013 he will motivate attendees to challenge what others may deem impossible. It’s also a safe bet for attendees to expect to see some magic during his keynote.

Just before Blaine’s keynote, ISSA will pay tribute to industry leaders who have stood the test of time.
“We will honor those companies who have been in the industry for 40, 50, 60, even 90 years,” Steinbach says. “It just shows the longevity of our industry, and how we continue to be innovative despite all the economic challenges we’ve all witnessed. There’s still a lot of success in our industry.”

Each keynote will kick off the day’s events; this year, speeches are all conveniently located in the exhibit hall.

“People don’t have to trek very far from the keynote to the show floor. It’s all really contained and they will be able to have faster travel times so they can get straight into their meetings and see the exhibitors,” Steinbach says.

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