With cost-cutting measures and worker safety as a priority, more and more end users are chucking the glug-glug method in favor of wall-mounted chemical proportioning systems, or preportioned packets. Many jan/san distributors advocate their use, while some believe it’s the only acceptable way for custodians to dilute and distribute chemicals.

“Portion control should be mandatory,” says Steve Bergholtz, senior facility consultant for AmSan, Huntersville, N.C.

“If you don’t install a proportioning system or give janitors preportioned chemical packets they are going to misuse chemicals, because they won’t dilute them properly,” he continues. “Safety is No. 1, and then economics.”

Fortunately, dilution control is an easy sell, say distributors. Most end users understand that properly proportioned chemicals save time and money, as well as improve the quality of cleaning.

Once the customer has chosen the most appropriate system, the first item to attend to is if and where the proportioner can be installed within the facility. While the most obvious answer is the janitor’s closet, there are often variables that can complicate the installation process. 

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