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This month’s cover story shares some pertinent information regarding your customers’ purchasing habits. For example, the data details which products end users are purchasing and who they are buying from. 

However, there is one interesting point from our research not included that I’d like to share here: Almost three-quarters of in-house cleaning managers rely on their distributors to be a source of industry information. These end users look to distributors to keep them up-to-date with the latest product innovations. They expect to be educated about new, and potentially better, cleaning procedures. They want to know the next industry-changing trend. 

For 75 years, Sanitary Maintenance has been equipping distributors with the knowledge they need to be the coveted resource so many of their customers desire. Obviously, you are familiar with our print magazine, but we offer so much more. 

Through our website,, we are able to offer even more industry articles — including plenty aimed at your customers — as well as a plethora of new products. 

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