Don’t Overuse Deicers

After picking the right products, customers need to know how to use it. Proper application methods save money and conserve concrete and vegetation.

“My advice to customers is to salt less and shovel more,” says Smith. “Unfortunately, some customers think if a little does a good job, more will do an even better job. They want to limit liability, but they need to use the right amount, matching product performance to the application.”

The overuse of deicers can accelerate the freeze and thaw cycles that damage concrete, but most deicers don’t chemically attack properly cured concrete.
“Ice melter is not meant to eliminate ice, just to get some melting started so it is easier to shovel,” says Loughrey. “The best time to use an ice melt product is before a storm, because the snow will melt on contact. I recommend broadcasting it on sidewalks in advance of freezing rain or snow to be proactive.”

Nolan teaches his customers four rules for ice melt application:

• Train workers where to spread product. Use a spreader that has adjustable rate settings and a shield.
• Don’t overspread. Using a color coverage indicator can help limit overuse.
• Use outside matting.
• Use 30 to 60 feet of inside matting.

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