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For the last 80 years, Sanitary Maintenance has welcomed feedback from industry representatives. Many of the comments spark future coverage that answers the needs of the readers. Other times, distributors, manufacturers and other members of the industry have written to express their appreciation. Here’s a sampling of what the magazine means to the jan/san industry today. 

‘An Important Tool for Business Leaders’ 

Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance on the incredible achievement of your 80th Anniversary. Sanitary Maintenance has succeeded for decades because the publication continuously provides informative and relevant articles for the readership. This was once again evidenced during the past several years as Sanitary Maintenance contained informative features covering the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, as well as mergers and acquisitions in the cleaning industry. 

I began reading Sanitary Maintenance in 1978 at the inception of my career at Maintex. Sanitary Maintenance was always an important resource in my awareness of industry news, understanding ongoing challenges, regulatory updates and the coverage of emerging trends and innovative products. I have always relied on the publication to keep me informed, educated and updated. Today I encourage our team members, both veterans and newly hired, to subscribe to Sanitary Maintenance. It is an important tool used to understand the cleaning industry from a larger geographic perspective. 

As the marketplace has evolved, so has Sanitary Maintenance. Each weekday I glance at the CleanLink Insider for my daily updates. I also download the digital magazine to access informative articles to share with our team. 

Sanitary Maintenance is an important tool for all cleaning industry business leaders. The magazine captures the pulse of the industry and is a vital link in business communication. Congratulations on your 80th year anniversary. This represents a true milestone and should be celebrated throughout our industry.  

Linda Silverman

Linda Silverman, Executive Chairwoman, Maintex, Inc., City of Industry, California


‘A Historical Record of the Industry’ 

It is with great gratitude and respect for both the industry and a publication that has represented it for so many dedicated years that we would like to wish Sanitary Maintenance a very happy 80th anniversary. 

I have been involved in the sanitary supply industry since the age of 12 when my dad, Morrie Wax, would take me to work with him in the summertime where I would do odd jobs, assist customers and sweep the warehouse. I fell in love with the business and couldn’t wait to graduate from college so I could join the company full-time. That happened in 1972, and 2022 marked my own personal 50th anniversary with the company — and Sanitary Maintenance has been there for me since the beginning.   

Along the way, I learned from industry veterans like my dad, my uncle Harry, WAXIE’s customers, vendors, and countless WAXIE employees who dedicated most of their adult lives to make WAXIE the company it is today. The industry has been so good to my family and our staff over the years, and the people at Sanitary Maintenance have been there every step of the way to help document our company’s activities and growth.   

I started reading Sanitary Maintenance during those early years when I was trying to learn everything I could about the industry. I have always found it to be a great resource for industry information that is current and relevant, and it provides excellent insight into the industry. My dad used to read it regularly because he wanted to make sure that WAXIE stayed ahead of the trends and brought the right solutions to our customers; it was always a good resource for that and remains so to this day.   

At a time of great change, with industry consolidation and an influx of private equity entering the jan/san space, it remains critical that the industry has the best, most informed resources available; Sanitary Maintenance delivers on that end, and it continues to serve as the “newspaper of record” for the cleaning industry. 

Once again, congratulations on reaching such a monumental milestone, and much appreciation for the many years of excellent industry content.   


Charles Wax, Chairman and CEO, WAXIE Sanitary Supply, San Diego, Co-Chair and Board Member, Envoy Solutions


‘Keeps Me Informed Throughout the Year’ 

Congratulations and happy birthday to Sanitary Maintenance for 80 years of service to our great industry!  

Myself and everyone else at Solutex, Inc. have counted on Sanitary Maintenance magazine and CleanLink as valuable resources for many years. They are full of great articles that help us improve our efficiencies and keep us informed and motivated by the everchanging landscape of the jan/san industry. The magazine has also helped us to discover and source some of our most profitable products. And I’m always grateful for the attention and generosity of the Sanitary Maintenance team whenever we’ve had something newsworthy to share with the industry.  

I started off in the industry in 1986. I was an 18-year-old delivery driver/salesperson/college student at J. Reilly Associates. Then I started Solutex, Inc. with my wife Monica in 1995. Against my wife’s will, I have kept every copy of Sanitary Maintenance magazine since then. 

Congrats again and let’s go for 90! 


Charles Moody, President, Solutex, Inc.


‘Constant Support for the Jan/San Industry’ 

Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance for 80 years! What an outstanding accomplishment to produce great content for such a sustained period.  

I started my career at Brame in 1996, and reading Sanitary Maintenance was one of the first ways I was able to learn about our industry. Our company is turning 100 next year, and we are still loyal followers of the brand as it helps us stay relevant, keep current on industry trends, increase education opportunities, and have the pulse of the industry.   

Thank you for supporting our industry so well. We look forward to the future of Sanitary Maintenance


Mercer Stanfield, CEO, Brame Specialty Company


‘A Staple for the Entire Industry’ 

Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance for 80 years of providing the commercial cleaning industry with important information and knowledge.    

I’ve been in the industry for 30 years and feel that reading Sanitary Maintenance every month has kept me current on so many topics that help make my career and our company successful. When our company hires a new associate, they automatically sign them up for Sanitary Maintenance magazine, which has been invaluable over the years. Not only can you learn about new products introduced to the market but also specific cleaning topics and industry trends.  

Our industry has changed so much over my 30 years in the business. I’m not sure how anyone would keep up with the trends without this valuable resource. 


Renae Hesselink, LEED AP BD+C, Vice President of Sustainability, Nichols, Division of Imperial Dade


‘The Go-To Source for Jan/San’ 

Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance magazine on 80 years of relevance and impact on the jan/san industry! At a time when many publications have fizzled away, Sanitary Maintenance has remained the go-to-source for information and news in our industry.   

I remember when I first joined the industry 27 years ago, the magazine was such a great resource and tool, uniting the community under one platform with educational topics, new products, tradeshow information and news. Throughout the years, as my role and understanding of the industry changed, Sanitary Maintenance magazine with its passionate team, kept evolving and pressing forward to remain at the forefront of what is important. 

My husband George and I have also always appreciated seeing friends in the industry celebrated. After all, beyond the business aspect, Sanitary Maintenance is about the faces and people in our industry that make it unique.  

Cheers to 80 years of relevance, resilience and remarkable reputation. 


Marianne Abiaad, Executive Vice President, Royal Corporation, an Envoy Solutions Company


‘Bringing Value to the Industry for 80 Years’ 

NASSCO has been receiving Sanitary Maintenance magazine for the past 68 years. As a part of the third generation in our family business, my journey in the industry started at a very young age vacuuming, sweeping, unloading truckloads of paper (by hand), making deliveries and installing dispensers. As I progressed in my journey with NASSCO, Sanitary Maintenance has helped me learn about the business that our father and grandfather helped build, as well as the industry it’s a part of.     

Sanitary Maintenance has stayed current on industry trends, product innovation and introductions, and other important topics about this business in general. Our team regularly references articles and information that help us make business decisions.    

Especially lately, the magazine has been an important resource for our team as we navigated through COVID-19, labor shortages and supply chain challenges. We can always count on it to have an article relevant to challenges of the day or best practices to consider as we build toward our future.    

Congratulations to the entire staff at Sanitary Maintenance magazine for bringing such value to our industry for the past 80 years.  


Kurt Melzer, Vice President, Nassco Inc.


‘Always a Reliable Partner’ 

Since beginning my journey in this industry in 1983, I’ve always relied on Sanitary Maintenance to help me identify industry trends and new products. I have gotten some great tips from the company spotlight interviews and, like dessert, reading the Freetime articles written by Gretchen Roufs always offers something sweet at the end. Her articles are typically about industry members’ interests outside of their work environment. 

What I appreciate most is learning what others have tried, what was successful and what was not.  Thank you Sanitary Maintenance magazine and Corinne Zudonyi for tirelessly working with industry professionals to bring us the latest and greatest in jan/san. 

Congratulations on the past 80 years! The next 80 should be very different and interesting!   


Ailene Grego, President and CEO, SouthEast Link 


‘A Resource for Insight’ 

Wow, I’m not sure what I find more surprising, the fact that Sanitary Maintenance is 80 years old or that I’ve been in the professional cleaning industry for more than half that time. 

I have to admit that during the first half of my career, working on the operations side of the fence, I didn’t know much about Sanitary Maintenance, the magazine. In hindsight, there were more than a few times I could have used their expertise. 

Shortly after joining the ranks of distribution, a little more than 21 years ago, I was introduced to the magazine and found it to be relevant for the industry. It often gave insight into aspects of the business about which readers may be less informed. We often develop blinders, focusing only on what’s in front of us and lose sight of the larger industry to which we belong. 

Within a year or two, I had the opportunity to attend the ISSA Show in New Orleans where I first met some of the Sanitary Maintenance team. Over the years I’ve gotten to know more of them and several of the writers as I’ve often had the privilege to contribute to articles. Each year at the show, I now see how many times I can bump into Corinne or one of her intrepid reporters as they scour the show floor for the latest innovations and the stories of the people that make this industry so amazing. 

Happy 80th Sanitary Maintenance! Keep up the great work! And while I probably won’t be here to see it, here’s to another 80 years! 


Bill McGarvey, C.P.T., CIMS Certification Expert, LEED Green Associate, WACH, Director of Training & Sustainability, Imperial Dade

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