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For the last 80 years, Sanitary Maintenance has welcomed feedback from industry representatives. Many of the comments spark future coverage that answers the needs of the readers. Other times, distributors, manufacturers and other members of the industry have written to express their appreciation. Here’s a sampling of what the magazine means to the jan/san industry today. 

‘An Invaluable Source of Knowledge’ 

Congratulations to Sanitary Maintenance magazine for 80 successful years of print and digital editorial excellence. Your tireless dedication to providing critical and timely information has enabled us to serve our customers better, stay ahead of trends, develop new solutions, and succeed in our respective markets. You've been an important resource for those in our industry who remain committed to a professional and strategic approach to growing our companies in this significant market.  

It has been amazing to witness the evolution of Sanitary Maintenance over these past eight decades and to experience firsthand how much it has grown into a trusted source of guidance and information for our industry. Sanitary Maintenance is an invaluable source of knowledge and insight for our industry. 

We look forward to relying on Sanitary Maintenance and the continued growth of our industry. We celebrate this milestone anniversary with you and are confident that Sanitary Maintenance will focus on best practices, innovative technology, market trends, and customer needs that will shape how we operate in years to come. 

Keep up the good work so that Sanitary Maintenance can inspire generations! Here's to many more successful years! 


Jim Peduto, Esq., CBSE, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Knowledgeworx, LLC., Endicott, New York


‘A Must Read for Relevant Industry Topics’ 

WOW! Eighty years! Congratulations Sanitary Maintenance on your milestone anniversary! 

Ever since I began in the professional cleaning industry, about 30 years ago, Sanitary Maintenance has been an important resource. Whether I was in manufacturing, distribution or working as a cleaning service provider, Sanitary Maintenance has always been a must-read for relevant industry topics.  

For those wanting to keep up to date with emerging trends, technologies, products, as well as the people and companies in the industry, Sanitary Maintenace is a resource. It can help you to constantly drive better results. This is especially true now in our global economy, rationalization of manufactures/distribution/service providers, the systematic labor challenges, the fast and ever-changing marketplace, the importance of providing exemplary customer and employee experiences, and the information overload we all face. 

While other magazines have disappeared, and others are losing readers, Sanitary Maintenance is well poised for a bright future.   

I know I speak on behalf of many — thank you to all the past and present Sanitary Maintenance team members for all you do and the value you provide. Much appreciated. All the best for the next 80 years! 


Mike Sawchuk, Managing Director, Sawchuk Consulting, St. Catharines, Canada


‘An Ally in Green Cleaning and Sustainability’ 

Sanitary Maintenance has been a valued resource for decades. It continues as an instrumental publication for informing and educating our industry on the importance of green cleaning, sustainability and other critically important industry topics. 

As a perfect example of Sanitary Maintenance’s leadership, here is a cover of Sanitary Maintenance from March 2004 titled “Green’s Growing Reach: The quest for facility sustainability and its impact on jan/san distribution”. Twenty years later, we are still on the journey and Sanitary Maintenance remains a valuable and insightful resource. 


Stephen Ashkin, Owner, The Ashkin Group


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