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S.C. Lawlor Company. Fuld Brothers Inc. Economy Mop Wringer Company. The Hewitt Soap Company. Buckingham Wax Company. Activeion. Does anyone recognize these names ?

I’ve been poring through the Sanitary Maintenance archives in preparation of our special 75th anniversary commemorative issue that’s coming in May and these are just some examples of companies that history has passed by. 

The jan/san industry is no stranger to change and every year more companies are acquired or rebrand themselves with new names. Keeping track of it all can be difficult. 

That’s why jan/san distributors need a comprehensive resource like the Sanitary Maintenance Buyer’s Guide. For 62 years we’ve been providing distributors the contact information and product categories for manufacturers, wholesalers and buying groups in the United States, as well as Canada and Mexico. 

So, the next time a customer asks about a type of product you don’t carry, check out that category in this guide to see who makes one. Or next month when you read about the 2018 Distributor Choice Award winners, there may be a product you’ll want to stock. Simply look up that manufacturer in the guide to discover the contact information.  

Keep this guide handy all year — you never know when a question will arise. But as I’ve already established, change is constant. For the most up-to-date version, access the online Buyer’s Guide on our website at


Last issue I used this space to say good-bye to an industry legend and I didn’t have room to say hello to a newcomer. Last December, Jake Meister joined the Sanitary Maintenance staff as our Associate Editor. Jake is a savvy reporter with years of newspaper publishing experience. He is anxious to learn more about the jan/san distribution industry and we’re excited to welcome him aboard.