One positive side effect of having school-branded dispensers is an apparent reduction in vandalism incidents within that school district, Keyes says. In the past, soap dispensers were regularly torn off walls, littered with graffiti or damaged by the school’s students.

“They would just break dispensers open and destroy them,” Keyes says. However, vandals appear less likely to deface an object that represents their schools, he adds, saving facilities money in the long run.

Another positive, according to school administrators, is the decrease in influenza cases. Keyes believes the eye-catching soap dispensers have prompted more students to wash their hands, helping to knock out germs and illness in the process. 

Distributors should pay close attention to the market the facility is serving. They should avoid taking a one-size fits all approach, and instead help a facility uncover a marketing message that will give them the most bang for their buck.

“Customize the message to the facility and target who the audience is,” says Susan Ambler, marketing manager, Swish Maintenance, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. “For example, the message you give to a K-12 student would be different from a university student.”

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