Once a distributor has its social media team in place, built out the networks and developed a marketing plan, it is time to capitalize on it.

For example, with the promotion of a distributor open house or other type of customer appreciation event, the social media coordinator can create an event page on Facebook. This can be done six weeks out, but remember to promote the event up until the event date. A photo of the printed invitation can be posted on the event page to provide the details. If a video of a seminar or award ceremony from the previous year’s event is available, post it to YouTube and display on the Facebook page as well. Encourage sales reps, vendors and customers to post pictures of last year’s event, as well as new products that will be showcased, to help generate interest.

If Joe Smith from Community College sees that Jane Doe from State University is attending, he is likely to realize he should be there, too. As word spreads, so will awareness of the distributor’s brand, event and vendor products. Ultimately, live event attendance will rise, giving the distributor more opportunities to reinforce relationships — key to the company’s bottom line.

Tina Serio is chief operations officer and a principal consultant at Seal 360, a consulting firm that takes a holistic approach to facility and distribution management. Serio has more than 16 years of IT and marketing management experience in the
jan/san industry.

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