Hygiene concept. Man is showing dirty hands with many viruses and germs.

A Los Angeles-based startup has developed a wristband that it believes can help improve hand hygiene compliance in the workplace.

Vitalcy's wristband leverages Bluetooth technology to track how often and how well workers wash their hands, reports Fox 2 Now.

A hospital, business or any other organization looking to implement the technology would get started by having Bluetooth sensors placed in inside hand sanitizer and soap dispensers, or in important areas like near patient beds in hospitals and in areas where food is prepared. Once the sensors are in place, they're ready to sync up with the wristbands, which will buzz anytime a worker enters an area where they should immediately wash his or her hands.

The wristband is already being used in the healthcare field. A children's hospital in New York has started using the technology to much success, according to Vitalcy's CEO. In fact, the CEO says infections at the hospital have dropped to "nearly zero."


Wristbands have a lot to do with hand hygiene as of late. For example, a senior at Marquette University in Milwaukee recently developed a wristband that makes it easier to dispense hand sanitizer while on the go.