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The current job market strongly favors candidates, as the number of available positions far outweighs the number of people applying in many industries. From frontline cleaning staff to office positions with distributors, the commercial cleaning industry is no exception to the difficulty in landing quality candidates.

As reported by CNN Business, companies have been experiencing high levels of 'ghosting' from candidates, even after jobs have been accepted. While both candidates and companies can be on the receiving end, the term refers to not showing up and not providing an explanation for cutting off communication entirely — whether it’s the first day after taking a job, or failing to show up for an initially agreed interview.

In many instances, a company getting ghosted can be no fault of their own. There are, however some actionable methods companies can take to reduce the chance of getting ghosted, the article outlines.

Expedite The Hiring Process

One way to diminish the chance of losing a candidate to competing offers is to accelerate the process of hiring them, from the interview to the first day. Even waiting a few days after an interview can lead to the candidate taking another opportunity. Another way is to move up the start day. While this isn’t always under the company’s control with the candidate’s situation, offering to start the position either right away or immediately the next week can also go a long way with getting them actually through the door. 

Providing A Warm Welcome

By selecting employees capable of showing the strongest sense of company pride, you can implement them into the hiring process via a welcoming committee for a new candidate. These committees can help show new employees the ropes and let them know about the different perks of the job — often even before the first day itself. As long as it isn’t overbearing, it can go a long way to calming any candidate concerns and increase their chances of actually showing up on their first agreed upon day.

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