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In-house cleaning departments or BSCs that are having trouble finding adequate candidates certainly aren’t alone, but that doesn’t mean things can’t get better with some ground-up adjustments in the hiring process. The restaurant/food delivery industry is facing similar issues, and Fast Casual dished out 3 quick-hitting tips to improve the hiring process that are applicable to cleaning as well:

1. Automating Initial Steps Saves Time For Managers

Plenty of tools are available to any manager’s disposal to expedite candidate hiring. By implementing an online application system that automates the initial steps to the process, managers can save time on the front end and get to the interview stage with candidates that, at minimum, hit a few particular preferred parameters. 

2. Understand Applicant Preferences

Many candidates that could have turned out to be an ideal fit never got far enough in the hiring process because the initial steps to apply were too tedious. Methods such as requiring candidates to send emails or show up for an in-person interview with little guarantee of a hire can be enough incentive to look elsewhere. 

3. Establish A Mobile-First Application Process

Tweaking the hiring structure to make it more mobile-phone friendly, or opting for video interviews instead of in-person, can go a long way to achieving a higher influx of candidates. In addition, having a streamlined application process can send a broader message that processes are done efficiently, which never hurts a company’s reputation. 

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