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Waterless Co., Inc. recently earned National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Certification from the National Association of Homebuilder’s Home Innovation Research Labs, according to a company announcement.

The NGBS is an American Standards Association-approved green building certification program. It focuses on single-family and multi-family residential buildings and remodeling projects. The program was developed to provide a uniform, national standard, recognizing and encouraging home-related green products and technologies. 

With this certification, installing a home waterless urinal from Waterless Co. can earn a builder six points toward meeting the standard’s environmental quality requirements. It also allows builders, designers, and homeowners to confidently select products that are proven to protect the environment and natural resources.

Waterless Co is the oldest manufacturer of no-water urinals in North America. These systems require no water to work. Gravity pulls urine below a cylinder placed at the bottom of the urinal containing a sealing liquid, which blocks odors from being released. As the urine collects, it drains into the sewer pipe below.

According to company Founder and CEO Klaus Reichardt, another reason waterless urinals have recently been in greater demand, both in homes and commercial buildings, is because they help prevent COVID pathogens from being released into the air. Once airborne, these can be inhaled by restroom users.

“What is happening is like toilet ‘plume,’ caused when flushing a toilet. Now that we know traces of COVID can be found in urine, there is concerned COVID pathogens can be released into the air when a traditional urinal is flushed," he said.

The award recognizes Waterless company’s contribution to water efficiency and water conservation.

Waterless Co. is currently celebrating 30 years of business