People cleaning an office

Strong businesses have good cleaning services. Realizing this, some companies do some serious research to determine what cleaning services deserve their attention. That’s why Smart Business Trends developed a list of characteristics businesses should be looking for when shopping for an office cleaning service.

The first characteristic sited pertaining to quality office cleaning services is experience. More specifically, the article suggests the company hired should have experience cleaning a commercial space. After all, there’s a big difference between cleaning a business and cleaning, well, anything else.

Two other traits the story cites are consistency and affordability. If the work being done by the company cleaning the office is only on point 40 percent of the time, with the rest of the labor being lackluster, it’s not worth their business — no matter the price. But if a cleaning business offers great work at a cost that exceeds a company’s budget, that’s also a deal breaker.

High employee turnover is a pain for building service contractors and those managing cleaning operations because it forces them to scramble in order to provide the labor needed to do a job. Turnover is also a hindrance on those who operate and own commercial buildings because it results in new hires, which means the cleaning is going to be consistently done by someone who is just learning the craft. 

In many circles, green cleaning is all the rage. It’s sought after in all types of industries, ranging from healthcare facilities to schools. The reason for this is that the use of eco-friendly products puts less stain on both the environment and building occupants, which is a win for everyone. A quality company that offers green cleaning service at a fair price is a catch.

In all, Small Business Trends discussed 15 characteristics of a good cleaning service provider. Click here for the full list. For information beyond what Small Business Trends provided, check out this past CleanLink Minute featuring advice from Mickey Crowe.