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The year 2022 marked the first since 2019 where at least most of the year had some consistent return to normalcy. With that came the return of full-frequency cleaning routines, near-to-full capacity offices, and refreshers on other key safety protocols. 

As evidenced by the top-10 facility cleaning articles of the year, in-house managers gave a wide variety of key topics plenty of attention — floor care/safety, proper disinfectant use, and ensuring that an organized cleaning schedule was put in place. Check below for some of the best of what Facility Cleaning Decisions had to offer in 2022. These are the top-read articles from the past year:

1. Chemical Breakdown: Differences Between Cleaning and Disinfecting

2. Top Cleaning Challenges in Educational Facilities

3. Understanding Floor Coefficient Of Friction Standards

4. Facility Managers Outline Cleaning Challenges

5. Products To Measure Slip Resistance, Traction

6. 4 Tips for Evaluating Cleaning Processes and Training Needs

7. Staffing Struggles Plague Cleaning Teams

8. Keep Floors Safe by Measuring Slip Resistance

 9. Creating Cleaning Routines that Stick

10. Frontline Cleaning Managers Share Common and Ridiculous Complaints