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A wide range of interesting topics dominated the CleanLink news headlines for the month of April. A central theme of occupant protection seemed to resonate around much of it, with readers particularly interested in ways to properly disinfect touchpoints in high-risk facilities and minimize the chance of outbreaks. 

Plenty of other topics are there to dive into, however. Check out the top 10 news stories over the past month and be sure to check back in each day for more content!

We appreciate the support and look forward to keeping you in the loop!

- The CleanLink Staff

1. Sanitary Maintenance Names 2022 Distributor Choice Award Winners 

2. How Do Pathogens Travel Across Facilities? 

3. 8 Tips For Protecting Night Shift Custodians 

4. KBS Acquires Kimco Facility Services 

5. FDA Authorizes COVID-19 Breathalyzer Tests 

6. Atlanta Airport Custodians Earn Long-Awaited Hourly Raise 

7. 5 Tips For Safe, Effective Disinfecting 

8. 10 Facility Pest Management Tips For Peak Season 

9. Major Children's Hospital Adopts Innovative Disinfection System 

10. Why Texting Surpasses Email For Customer Communication