Corporate business team and manager in a meeting, close up

Over the next few years, the cleaning industry expects a mass exodus as baby boomers retire. According to a recent article in Contracting Profits, one third of janitors and one third of supervisors are age 55 and over. Vacancies are expected in the manufacturer and distributor side of the industry too.

So how will these positions be replaced? Most likely by attracting millennials. But the question is how. A recent reader survey from Facility Cleaning Decisions found that 56 percent do not have a succession plan in place for themselves and/or a manager on their staff.

In an effort to make the cleaning industry more appealing to a millennial workforce, ManageMen compiled a list of simple tips:
• Talk about the importance of cleaning. Millennials want to know that their work makes a difference and helps others.

• Give younger workers a voice. Engaging them and asking them for their impressions on a regular basis is a step in the right direction.

• Create more opportunities for women. Initiatives such as mentorship programs to workplace inclusion policies can help increase the number of opportunities.

• Give back to the community. Organize events where your department can help clean-up a local non-profit. These activities will not only benefit your community, but it can raise your company profile and be attractive to socially-minded millennials.

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