Flu virus spread caused by influenza with human symptoms of fever infecting the nose and throat as deadly microscopic microbe cells with 3d illustration elements

The flu is here, and its reach will continue to grow as the season progresses. This is for certain. What is less certain is where and when the flu will strike. That’s why tracking the flu’s progress is so important.

In a recent blog, CNET advises its readers to keep track of the flu activity where they live and where they will visit. The website shares the advice of a scholar at Johns Hopkins University who says tracking the flu can help to motivate people to get a flu shot when they learn that they’re living in an area where the flu is prevalent. The scholar says it also helps organizations, such as schools, to plan events around the presence of the flu, as these gatherings could expedite an outbreak.

Of course, people aren’t going to always get the shot, nor will they frequently wash their hands — even when the flu is rampant. Understanding this, it might help building service contractors and managers of facility cleaning operations to track the flu themselves. After all, cleaning against the flu is more successful when those doing it are as educated as possible.

As CNET notes, there are a number of websites people can visit that will show them where the flu is progressing. Many in the industry know of the CDC Weekly Flu Map, but lesser known resources like Flu Near You and Everyday Health Flu Map could also be an asset, too.