A public restroom

The common American public restroom could forever be changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, reports Fast Company.

Those in jan/san distribution, facility management and commercial cleaning have known for a long time that toilet plume (the nasty feces- or urine-laden projectiles that are shot out into the air every time a toilet is flushed) is an issue in public and commercial restrooms. That's because the great majority of the toilet in these restrooms don't feature a cover for the seat. As a result, lids might have to be added - even if many visitors neglect to use them.

Other things that might have to happen to help improve the cleanliness of public restrooms in the post-COVD-19 America would be an increased implementation of touchless faucets, soap dispensers and toilet flushing-knobs. CleanLink.com has previously reported that Americans want more of these fixtures, and now a member of the leadership team at American Standard tells Fast Company that business has already seen a large increase in demand for touchless technologies, especially in schools.

More significant changes might have to do with the way restrooms are laid out. Stalls and urinals might to be spaced out better. And if they're not, facilities might have to doing things like shut down every other urinal or stall to create more space.

A design manager at Kohler says the public and businesses could also start demanding restroom fixtures made of materials that repel dirt or and are more easily cleaned.

Fast Company says American businesses will also have to begin realizing something this website has reporting on for sometime: cleaner, better restrooms increase a company's bottom line.